Become An Instructor

Our course covers all 3 aspects of the training. This includes:
Part 1 –  Theory training
Part 2 – Driving ability Training: 20 hours in total which is done over 4 or 5 weeks. This training is flexible and includes training in our cars- amount varies depending on ability. On part 2 test you are not allowed more than 6 minor faults. Any more or any serious or dangerous will result in failure. You are limited to 3 attempts.
Part 3 –  Instructional ability training: 40 hours in total which is done over 8-10 weeks. This is training on instructor techniques, lessons planning & structure, briefing techniques, and observation, analysis & correction of faults. Classroom work and in-car training using role play. Course work included. Limited to 3 attempts. Trainee licence can be applied for after 40 hours have been completed.

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