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The DTC believes that teaching you to drive is also about teaching you to be safe. All the pupils who have learnt to drive with The DTC and have passed the driving test have been highly trained to deal with any situation they may face on the road. Our driving instructors are patient; our teaching methods are modern and logical. Most importantly, we will never shout, scream or belittle you, teaching is relaxed and we always ensure learning takes place.

At The DTC, we think that if you learn to drive with us, it is our responsibility to ensure that we maximise your chances of passing your driving test first time.  How?

  • Because Our friendly, experienced instructors teach a sensible, safe number of driving lessons each day.  they are always alert and ready to help in those scary moments.
  • Because you willl learn to drive in a modern car, which means the car is reliable and easy to drive.
  • We will only send you to test only once you have covered the whole syllabus and you are consistently driving to a good standard. This means your chances of passing are higher.
  • We willl give you at least two mock tests before the big day.
  • And because we will also keep a more detailed Record of Pupil Progress than the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency recommends.

When you learn with a DTC Driving instructor, you will be given an honest ongoing evaluation, using our Pupil Progress sheets.

Our aim is to prepare you for most situations that you could face as a driver.  You will have a safe and defensive approach to driving and we will build your confidence lesson by lesson. Our rates are among the best in the Edinburgh.