Not everyone is suitable for an Intensive Driving Courses, so we tailor our courses to suit each individuals needs.  The idea of an Intensive Driving Course is to pass in the shortest time possible, whilst still creating an opportunity for you to take on the information and skills being taught, this will enable you to demonstrate these skills to a driving examiner during a driving test. Before you begin an Intensive Driving Course we will need to see your Photo card License and the Paper Counterpart. You will also need to have passed your Theory Test. (If this is something that you have not done yet, don’t worry, we can help with our Fast Track Theory Course.)

We also recommend that you have an assessment lesson so we can help you decide which of the following courses is best suited to you.

Trained (Test Standard) – Intensive Course

  • If you have been to a test recently and have been unsuccessful, then it is reasonable to expect that with very little training, we can remedy the weaknesses in your drive in a relatively short period of time.  Most test candidate will require around 5 – 10 hours of training.  This will be based on your driver assessment that will be carried out before you commence the course.  If the assessment shows that you would not pass within the 10 hours,  your instructor will advise you on the action you need to take in order to pass.   A test will be booked for you before you begin your training.

Partly Trained (Had 10 – 20 hours) – Intensive Course

  • If you have driven before and have passed your Theory Test, you can do one of our Intensive Driving  Courses (10, 15 or 20 hours) in one week.  We can book your test on a day that is suitable to you and setup the training to start 3 or 4 days before your driving test.  We would require you to do an assessment drive beforehand.  This assessment is to check the level you are currently at and to check it is feasible, that we can have you to test standard within the required time.  A test will be booked by our staff prior to commencement of your training. Alternatively, a semi-intensive course can be done over a 2 to 4 week period. A test will be booked for you before you begin your training.

Complete Beginner (Or had a few lessons) – Semi Intensive Course

  • If you have never driven before, we recommend our semi-intensive driving course.  This course is designed to give you 8 hours each week, for approximately 4 weeks
    • Week 1- One 2 hour lesson followed by two 3 hour lessons.
    • Week 2, 3 and 4 – Either four 2 hour lessons or three 3 hour lessons, which ever suits you best.

We feel that this is the best method to get you to test standard quickly but still giving you the experience that you need on the road. A test will be booked for you before you begin your training.